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Mulberry Station Brewery and Pizzeria is proud to be a part of the Chico, CA community! Our founders and employees have been a part of Chico for decades. We take pride in all that we do, from making each specialty pizza to order to filling each glass with the finest craft beer we can produce. We use only the freshest ingredients and proper techniques to bring you the very best pizza, beer and other treats! Learn more about our passion, creations and history below:

Our Brewmasters:

Our team has been crafting unique and award-winning beer for decades. Our pursuit of high-quality products is second to none. If you haven’t had the chance to sample our creations, what are you waiting for?

Our Team:

In addition to our amazing brewmasters our company couldn’t thrive without the hard work of the rest of our team. Learn more about the rest of our team below:


Our Facility:

Built on the location of the historic Chico Electric Railway, our brand-new facility includes a large dining room, full-service restaurant and bar, and historic photos from Chico’s history. Our wood-fired brick-oven is magnificent and used for our hand-crafted pizzas, pretzels and other treats. Our brewery equipment allows us to produce the finest quality beers from scratch. Check out some photos below, or better yet stop by for a tour!

Our Products:

We are proud to offer the Chico community our finest pizza and beer produced with the freshest ingredients and skills. We are constantly growing our menu with specials, new ingredients and new flavors to keep our offerings fresh! Check out some of our most popular work below: