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Roland Allen was born and raised in Redding California. After eight years Catholic grammar school and two and a half years in the public high school system, he needed more of a challenge than the public schools could offer. So he returned to Catholic school to finish high school at Mercy High School in Red Bluff, as well as teach the school’s instrumental music program.  His success in the music program gained him acknowledgment in the “Who’s Who in music” in the 1978 edition.  

Roland spent three and a half  years between Shasta College and Oregon State University and left school without a firm direction.  He started work in the restaurant industry and stayed there for six years.  He worked his way from dishwasher up to restaurant manager for the last three years.  

Roland began brewing beer at home in 1983, and in 1986, became assistant brewmaster at Sierra Nevada.   After seeing 25-fold growth over eight and a half years, he left Sierra in 1995 to start his own brewery – Butte Creek Brewing.   At Butte Creek, he built and ran a production brewery, selling kegs and six-packs of beer in eight states.  The primary focus at Butte Creek was organic beers, where Roland was one of the pioneers.  They also produced non-organic beers as well, including Roland’s Red, Creekside Wheat, Butte Creek Gold Ale, and a line of seasonal beers. In 2004, he left the brewing industry and bought a screen print shop. After five years of running and expanding the shop to include embroidery, cut vinyl, dye sublimation, taking it from a two man shop to a five person workforce, he left to once again pursue his passion of making beer. He has been at Feather Falls Casino Brewing for seven plus years as brewmaster.  During this time the brewery has grown its operations, selling bottled beer in seven counties, serving over 7,000 pints per week at the casino, and having won 62 awards.  And yes, he still brews at home as well. Roland believes a craft such as brewing can never be completely learned.  It must constantly be explored and improved. It seems Roland has found his firm direction.