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Background: B.S. Business, B.A. Economics. Adventurer, economist, musician, athlete, navigator, hobby-Anthropologist.

I am a man of simplicity and function. Fascinated by mechanisms and logic. I regard money as a tool, not a status symbol. I don’t take myself too seriously. I am an earthy man, who prefers to camp. Knowledge motivates and excites me. The call of the wild puts me at ease. I spend time thinking about passion, philosophy, and love. I live as simply as possible; present in the moment, aware of life and energy around me. I am reserved and accurate. I am careful and realistic. I always finds time for music.

I grew up in Northern California in a little town called Chico. Attended university and ended up with a degree in business and a degree in economics. I had one problem; I was not happy. I had two choices; compromise on my happiness, or not. There would not be any compromise. I was twice above the Arctic Circle, once in Alaska and another in Canada. After traveling through the states, I decided to venture south. Through Mexico and Central America; fully testing my abilities as a mechanic, negotiator, and adventurer.

My friends joke that I am a delusional optimist, that is, even when things go wrong I stays positive. Being sour doesn’t help anything. Especially in beer.