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Fresh, Local Ingredients

At Mulberry Station Brewing we pride ourselves on sourcing the freshest local ingredients from our trusted suppliers. Every vegetable, dairy product, grain and meat product we use comes from a farm or supplier nearby. Its our goal to continue to expand our offerings with even more great ingredients from Norther California and our neighboring areas.

Giusto’s Vita Grain – Flours Grains

Giusto’s family run mill has been in operation in the north state since 1940. They supply Mulberry Station Brewery with the flours and grains that help us create the best pizza and beer possible. Giusto’s also provides us with an amazing sea salt that we incorporate in our many dishes providing a high quality and fresh flavor.

The Giusto family has been milling and mixing blends of grains for three generations and their pursuit of quality has allowed them to expand their business over that time. We are proud to have Giusto’s as a partner and enjoy the flavor and freshness of all of their products.

Stanislaus Foods – Tomatoes

The Cortopassi family has been growing amazing tomatoes since before they came from Italy for many generations. The ripe, plum tomatoes they provide our chefs help to create an amazing pizza. Rich and flavorful, we couldn’t ask for a better local ingredient to work with.

“For us, striving to make our tomatoes “best of the best” isn’t just business, it is highly personal.” ~ Tom Cortopassi

Molanari Pepperoni and Salami

Since 1896 the Molanari family has been making salami and pepperoni the traditional way in San Francisco. The flavors they produce are second to none and we are pleased to offer their amazing products on our signature pizzas.

S&S Produce – Vegetables & Herbs

S&S is a Chico, CA tradition, and we are proud to feature their amazing produce in our restaurant. From the freshest of herbs, to crisp vibrant vegetables the abundance of quality from the organic products at S&S shines through in our pizzas and salads. Come enjoy some of the best food in Chico at Mulberry Station.

We are always looking to expand our options with more local ingredients. As we bake each pizza with love and care, we hope to allow our amazing ingredients to shine through. We look forward to creating something special for you on your next visit!

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