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Just Tapped – Tahellän Bock

Introducing our second Lager ever, our German-style dobbelbock. Made in the traditional German style using the finest imported malts and hops, Tahellän Bock is now available on-tap at our brewery, or in crowlers to-go.

The dobbelbock style translate to “Double” bock, making it slighty higher in alcohol than a regular bock; along with sweeter flavors. I get notes of prune and raisin from this smooth beer. Bocks were originated in Munich, brewed by monks. Bocks tend to be very food-friendly and carry hints of of toasted bread. Dark brown or dark copper color. The maltyness is strong, but more of a Munich-Malt rather than a caramel or chocolate malt. This beer is full bodied and fairly high on the alcoholic scale .

Tahellän Bock gets its name from being a particularly strong bock. Drink this and you will know what’s its like to go Tahellän Bock!

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