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On Tap

We are proud of the beer we produce with our brand-new facility. We are constantly experimenting and producing new creations under the direction of our talented brewmasters. Here are some of our current offerings and favorites:

SOLD OUT – Golden Spike Session IPA

Just as the Transcontinental Railway celebrated it’s completion with a ceremonial “golden railroad spike” in 1869, we too debut our hard work to the public with our Golden Spike Ale. We start with Nugget hops, add Perle hops, and finish with a generous addition of Cascade hops. We blend it with a pale golden malt bill to make our session IPA. You might even finish mowing your lawn.

  • 4.9% ABV, Pale-light copper color, crisp and refreshing

Electric Rail Pale Ale

In honor the of the 1906 Chico Electric Rail Way, we have our medium bodied pale ale. A classic American Pale Ale with a light amber color. Finished with a blend of Cascade and Amarillo hops for our version of a Chico Pale Ale.

  • 5.9% ABV, Your new favorite pale ale.

Sweet Knees Porter

Dedicated to those of us who have knees that are a little less than they used to be. Fruggle and Golden hops make this Robust Porter the ideal beer to sit down and take a load off your knees.

  • 6.5% ABV, Rich caramel color, smokey, sweet, and delicious.

Roland’s Redder Ale

Roland’s Red has been around in one form or another since Roland was a child wearing lederhosen. Inspired by the malt character in European beers and a desire to pair that with a big hoppy beer. Brewed with Golding hops, you may remember the famous Roland’s Red Ale from the Butte Creek Brewery days. This updated version with more hops and higher in alcohol is Roland’s newer favorite beer, of course.

  • 7.1% ABV, This red ale will blow your socks off

Light Rail Wheat Ale

A nice crisp American wheat ale for the summer months. A Perle hop finish and a balanced blend of American wheat malt and malted barley make it the ideal refreshing summer beer. A refreshing unfiltered light beer with low ABV.

  • 4.0% ABV, We know this will be a favorite during the hot summer days in Chico.

SOLD OUT – One 3/4 IPA

Our mash tun takes a couple days to recover after all the grain we add to make this beer. Still not quite enough for a double IPA. Mosaic and Centennial hops are featured in this beer.

  • 7.55% ABV, dangerous from the beginning

Gala Brown Ale

A lighter, slightly nutty brown ale for a warm weather dark beer option. Perle and Golding hops married with a gentle blend of darker malts. Named after our buildings origin, Gala Lanes.

  • 4.7% ABV, A dark beer that won’t bowl you over

C Train IPA

An old school IPA utilizing Cascade and Centennial Hops (C Train!). Pale-medium amber colored, inspired by yesterday’s IPAs with more pop.

  • 6.2 % ABV and roughly 60 IBU’s utilizing traditional hops flashing back to the mid 80’s!

We are constantly coming up with new ideas and beers to share with our community. Learn more about the numerous beer varieties here on our blog.

Dark and Chewy Imperial Stout

Our thick, chewy, creamy and delicious stout. We asked owner Allen what kind of beer is his favorite, he replied “dark and chewy beers.” Thus our Imperial Stout was born. Notes of molasses, maple, coffee, and nuts.

  • 7.2 % ABV a considerably strong stout for your enjoyment.

Rollerbrau Pilsner

Our first Lager done in the traditional Czech style. Light crisp and refreshing. Light in color and light in body. If you know Roland and his beers, you know he brews and EXCELLENT pilsner. Czech it out!

  • 4.6 % ABV

Tehallenbock Lager

Our second lager. This is a strong bock characterized by dried fruit flavors. I get hints of raisin and prune. Slightly sweet, and a little thicker than you might expect. Not quite high enough in alcohol to be a doppelbock, but still strong enough to keep you happy and warm.

  • 7 % ABV